Collection: Utility Knives

Discover top-quality with utility knives from Don Carlos. Our handcrafted masterpieces are the choice of discerning professionals and passionate hobbyists. Precision and quality for your work. Order now and maximize your productivity!

Our utility knives represent quality and versatility in the world of cutting tools. This knife range offers solutions for a wide range of tasks, from leather and textile work to paint and varnish removal or cutting silicone joints. They are not only an essential tool for craftsmen, gardeners, and DIY enthusiasts but also a symbol of German craftsmanship and expertise. These knives are designed to deliver precise and efficient results in various applications, and their versatility makes them a valuable companion for any job. Whether it's cutting fabrics, working with leather, preparing surfaces, or gardening - our garden and utility knives are the right choice for those who appreciate quality and precision.