About Us

About Us

On February 27, 1727, Peter Herder took over the trademark Schoppenass (= "Ace of Spades") and had this registered in the register of the Solingen measuring maker court . The company Friedr. Herder Abr. Sohn produces high-quality knives, scissors and tools for different areas.

1802 Registration of the Fork Brand, known for tradition and culture, especially in the Far and Near East. Proven and unchanged since 1802.

1925 The Constant Stahl company is founded, which developed and produced high-quality steels for cutlery.

1931 Don Carlos is entered as a sign in the sign roll of the Solingen knife maker court. Don Carlos stands for high-quality work and professional knives for almost every cutting task.

Our products are still produced exclusively in Solingen today, partly using the same manufacturing techniques as more than 200 years ago in combination with the latest technology.

This brings our products to the highest quality and long-lasting sharpness.