Collection: Thermo series

Immerse yourself in the world of culinary excellence with our latest masterpieces – professional chef's knives crafted with love and expertise. Each knife tells a story of dedication, and you can feel it in every cut.

The Thin Grind - Thermo Series

The thin grind is a precise sharpening technique where the blade is ground to an exceptionally thin thickness. This special fine grind, blue-plied and following the principle of "Solingen Thin Grind," gives the blade a slim and fine shape. As a result, the knife effortlessly glides through food items, enabling precise cuts. However, please note that a knife with a thin grind may be more delicate and requires careful handling and regular maintenance to maintain its sharpness and performance.

The Wood Handle - Thermo Series

Walnut thermowood (also known as thermally modified wood) is wood that undergoes a heat treatment process, enhancing its durability. The wood is first completely dried and subjected to temperatures of up to 215°C in an oxygen-deprived environment. This process breaks down substances like cellulose and lignin, lowers the pH level, and removes all resin. The primary goal of thermal modification is to reduce water absorption capacity, thereby minimizing the typical swelling, warping, or cracking seen in solid wood.
The thermal treatment is done without the use of chemical agents, making thermowood an environmentally friendly and highly recyclable alternative to conventionally treated wood.

The Serrated Edge - Thermo Series

Our serrated edge on the bread knife is exceptional: with extremely deep and distinctive serrations spaced generously at 10 mm intervals, as opposed to the usual 3-6 mm, it stands out. This design gives the knife exceptional cutting performance and robustness. The deep serrations allow the knife to effortlessly glide through various foods, whether it's crispy bread, rolls, bagels, or even tomatoes and citrus fruits with tough skins. This cutting edge has been specially designed to achieve the best cutting results. Discover the precision of the serrated edge in your kitchen. For more information, please visit our Knife Lexicon.